solo exhibition of original watercolor and acrylic paintings by Lisa Argentieri

I am a watercolor and acrylic painter from New York, USA. Now living in Florida.


My approach to watercolor painting is loose, intuitive and free-flowing. I do not paint with a preliminary drawing or study, and always finish a painting in one session and painted from life, I dive right into the dry paper without hesitation with a loaded brush full of lush, vibrate color.


What sets me apart from most watercolorists is that

I believe, less is more. Especially in my figurative work, I often leave “open spaces” for the viewers eye to fill in what is not shown. I strive to never bore my audience, for every time one views my paintings they will see something there that that perhaps they didn't see before. The blush of a rose, a somber figure, even a simple radish, comes alive in bold, fearless brushwork.


My color choices are instinctual and based on my emotions in that fleeting moment in time.


I aim to show the viewer not only what my eye sees, but more importantly what I feel.


I believe my classical, formal training in drawing allows me the freedom to paint in such a spontaneous, expressionistic style.


I love watercolor because it’s often unpredictable; I like controlling the chaos that happens when water and pigment dance on paper.

It is my honor to be featured in the company of the WORLD'S GREATEST WATERCOLORISTS! Thomas Schaller, Nicholas Simmons, Alvaro Castagnet, David Taylor, Charles Reid to name a few! on the Escoda Brushes Pinceles Pinzells website, makers of the world's finest brushes from Barcelona, Spain!


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A sample of me painting in watercolor, Escoda brush and Daniel Smith's watercolors. (c) Lisa Argentieri

I am honored to be this month's featured artist on the!


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Demo painting Roses

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note: although I love to use and recommend Daniel Smith paints,and Escoda brushes, I am not a paid endorser.